Success Stories From Our Members

Since 2006, MicroBusiness Mastery* has been helping entrepreneurs bring their one-of-a-kind business ideas to the marketplace. These enterprising souls have stepped beyond limiting beliefs to exciting new worlds of endeavor. Their businesses have grown . . . and they’ve grown too! Read their stories, try them on for size, then join our MicroBusiness Mastery community.

*Formerly Business in Balance

Johanna Hattendorf
The Spiral Path

“I began to take my own needs seriously, and to shift my priorities.  And here I am, 6 months later, with a full calendar, increased rates, increased income, and a renewed sense of passion about why I do what I do. “

Johanna’s Success Story

Virginia J. Sutton
Great Strides

“I’ve developed a business overview, with detailed plans for each day, week, month, and year. These hold me accountable. As a result, I am much more efficient in all aspects of the business.”

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Myra Green
Myra’s Pilates and Barre

“MicroBusiness Mastery far surpassed my expectations. I was impressed by the instructors and pleased with the impact the course had on moving me forward in my own business.”

Myra’s Success Story

Deborah Scott Studebaker

“As a perfectionist, I can deliberate endlessly; this course offered the content and community to help me set goals and achieve them.”

Deborah’s Success Story