MicroBusiness Mastery for Repeaters


You have taken MicroBusiness Mastery (Business in Balance) sometime in the past. Why take it again? Well, as one member exclaimed this year, “It’s like drinking out of a fire hose!” So much new information to digest, so many new skills to master, so many tasks to accomplish all at once. It can be overwhelming!

When you join us again, you will know exactly what you missed the first time around, and just where you need to concentrate your attention and efforts. You will love that!

We have added a coaching component for you. Why? Because we have found that our members do better with more one-on-one attention. We can help you step beyond personal gremlins that inhibit your forward momentum; and two brains are always better than one when planning and strategizing. Plus occasionally we will hold your feet to the fire when you need it most.

MicroBusiness Mastery Overview

We listened to you! We divided the course in three 2-month parts with a break between each part. And here’s the best thing. You can join us for the parts of the course you need the most at a price that will please you!


➡︎ Part I: Bold Beginnings—Your Business Foundation (Winter 2018, T.B.A.)
➡︎ Part II: Organized for Success—Your Business Financing & Plan (Spring 2018, T.B.A.)
➡︎ Part III: Online & Lively—Your Business Web Presence (Fall 2018, T.B.A.)

Each part includes the following components:

✓  8 Modules over 24 weeks
✓  5 Live Webinars
✓  3 Live Success-building Clinics
✓  MicroBiz Mastery Facebook Group
  1 Mindset Sessions (90 minutes): focused on you as the entrepreneur—getting your priorities straight and boosting your decisiveness, confidence, and commitment.

✓  2 Strategy Session (45 minutes): focused on areas of your business that need step-by-step action plans.
✓  2 Laser Session (15 minutes): a short call for a quick solution, greater clarity, or a change in perspective.

Optional a la carte coaching additions to enhance your progress:

✓  Entrepreneurial Deep Dive Session (2 hours): an assessment of your entrepreneurial strong suits combined with a review of your business for a strategic plan that uses your gifts to best advantage.
✓  MicroBiz VIP Day: (1 day): a full day of mindset and strategy, focused on what your business needs most.


Part I: Bold Beginnings—Your Business Foundations

When you are in business start-up mode or are up-leveling an existing business, the process is the same. This is the time to give your dreams shape, form, color and lots of details.

It’s time for clarity of purpose, so you don’t take off helter-skelter, in a business that fizzles down the line.

In Bold Beginnings you will create a Business-building Overview which brings order to all these details. Your business name, tagline, logo, business colors, mission, and offerings come together to create a unique brand that reflects your core values and personal style.

Part II: Organized for Success—Your Business Financing & Plans

Your business success depends on high-level organizational and planning skills, as well as ease in working with finances. These don’t come naturally to every business owner.

Organized for Success gives you tools to:

  • create a realistic financial plan.
  • design short and long-term schedules for all operations.
  • develop marketing systems tailored to your business’s needs.

You will be drawing on your Business-Building Overview from Bold Beginnings to draft a comprehensive 3-phase business plan. The skills you master in Organized for Success will spill over into all areas of your life. And you will like that. Exciting!

Part III: Online & Lively—Your Business Web Presence

As a microbusiness owner, you have an astounding array of online advertising options available to you for relatively little cost. In Online and Lively you will design a website and social media presence that is more than a virtual business card.

Your website and social media platform will become a multifacited, interactive portal for communication with your choice clients and customers. A portal that actually attracts interest and business!

You’ll master the nuts and bolts of an online launch. This is an exciting way to get your babies out into the world—your new products, services, website and even your business as a whole.


Prerequisite: Completion of MicroBusiness Mastery (or Business in Balance.)