MicroBusiness Mastery*

*formerly Business in Balance

 Owning a business is a true balancing act!
So many different hats to wear

and so may different tasks to accomplish—
all at the same time.

MicroBusiness Mastery covers all stages of planning and implementation, from the clarification of your initial concept through the selling of your unique products and services.

When you follow MicroBusiness Mastery’s step-by-step business-building system, you learn exactly what to do when and how to do it.

Your balancing act becomes your happy dance, freeing you to be your creative, entrepreneurial best!

Design a business that supports a healthy, balanced, financially thriving lifestyle. What can be more rewarding than that!

What’s a MicroBusiness?

A microbusiness is a company:

  • with five or fewer employees.
  • started with little or no initial capital ($50,000 or less.)
  • that may not have access to traditional commercial loans.
  • that starts small, but can grow quickly into a large job-generating business.

Even though the “micro” part of microbusiness makes things sound do-able, there is a lot involved in getting a business of any size up and running successfully. Why invent the wheel when you can learn from others who have “been there done that?”


Join MicroBusiness Mastery and flourish in a community of like-minded folks intent on bringing their brilliant ideas, products and services to the people who need them most!

What will I learn?

MicroBusiness Mastery is divided in three two-month segments. Each part covers a key aspect of the business-building process, giving you a stable foundation from which to launch your business. When you prepare for the launch of your business step by step, you can’t help but succeed!

Part I: Bold Beginnings—Your Business Foundations

When you are in business start-up mode or are up-leveling an existing business, the process is the same. This is the time to give your dreams shape, form, color and lots of details.

It’s time for clarity of purpose, so you don’t take off helter-skelter, in a business that fizzles down the line.

In Bold Beginnings you will create a Business-building Overview which brings order to all these details. Your business name, tagline, logo, business colors, mission, and offerings come together to create a unique brand that reflects your core values and personal style.

Part II: Organized for Success—Your Business Financing & Plans

Your business success depends on high-level organizational and planning skills, as well as ease in working with finances. These don’t come naturally to every business owner.

Organized for Success gives you tools to:

  • create a realistic financial plan.
  • design short and long-term schedules for all operations.
  • develop marketing systems tailored to your business’s needs.

You will be drawing on your Business-Building Overview from Bold Beginnings to draft a comprehensive 3-phase business plan. The skills you master in Organized for Success will spill over into all areas of your life. And you will like that. Exciting!

Part III: Online & Lively—Your Business Web Presence

As a microbusiness owner, you have an astounding array of online advertising options available to you for relatively little cost. In Online and Lively you will design a website and social media presence that is not simply a virtual business card.

Your website and social media platform will become a multi-facited, interactive portal for communication with your choice clients and customers. A portal that actual attracts interest and business!

You’ll master the nuts and bolts of an online launch. This is an exciting way to get your babies out into the world—your new products, services, website and even your business as a whole.

What’s involved?

MicroBusiness Mastery is a 6-month business-building course. The course has been divided into three 8-week segments focusing on different aspects of growing a business. Each of the three parts include:

8 Weekly Modules

Each Sunday evening, you will receive links to the week’s module in the MicroBusiness Mastery Member’s Hub. These assignments build on each other, at an easily do-able pace.

5 Live Webinars

These interactive MicroBusiness Mastery virtual get-togethers are focused on some of the complex aspects of business-building you find most challenging. Perhaps its projected income, business plans, websites, or social media.

Sessions include a lively mix of  group discussions, breakouts, demos and sharing. You can expect visioning, brainstorming, planning and strategy. And you will learn to keep your micropreneurial mindset in peak condition, so you can do what you plan to so.

These webinars often include a short balance—a group process to enhance your clarity, focus, follow-through and creativity.

These meetings are recorded. If you can’t meet with us at the scheduled time, you can listen later, at your convenience. (But . . . you really won’t want to miss them!)

3 Live Success-building Clinics

These planning and implementation sessions are worth their weight in gold! Every other week, for two hours, you meet in virtual space with other MicroBusiness Mastery members and coaches to tackle projects you may have been avoiding. This is your opportunity to receive feedback from the group and laser coaching from your coaches. You get to cross something off your business-building list and have fun doing it!

(These meetings are not recorded.)

The MicroBusiness Mastery Member Hub

This is your information hub and home-base during the course. Course materials, resources, important links, schedules and recordings are all located here.

The MicroBusiness Mastery Facebook Group

In this private forum, you can meet fellow participants, share ideas, and get inspiration, feedback and encouragement.

Individual Coaching (3 great options)

We have designed three great options for you to choose from, depending on whether you like to work independently, or you wish to speed up your business-building process with lots of coaching support from us. Your choice.

When’s this happening?


MicroBusiness Mastery
Part I: Bold Beginnings
Your Business Foundations

8-Week Course
Winter, 2019 T.B.A
Modules posted Sunday evenings
Webinars: 1-2:30 pm Eastern
Success-building Clinics: 1-3 pm Eastern

MicroBusiness Mastery
Part II: Organized for Success
Your Business Financing & Plans

8-Week Course
Spring, 2019 T.B.A
Modules posted Sunday evenings
Webinars: 1-2:30 pm Eastern
Success-building Clinics: 1-3 pm Eastern

MIcroBusiness Mastery
Part III: Online & Lively
Your Business Web Presence

8-Week Course
Fall, 2019 T.B.A.
Modules posted Sunday evenings
Webinars: 1-2:30 pm Eastern
Success-building Clinics: 1-3 pm Eastern

How do I register?

Registration is easy. During a short phone call, we guide you through the process. Just click on the “I’m in!” button to request a time to chat. In the meantime, take a look at the three course options and see which one feels like the best fit for you!


MicroBusiness Mastery Prerequisite for First-timers: The desire to build a business or up-level and existing one.

MicroBusiness Mastery Prerequisite for Repeaters: Returning members may sign up for the entire 3-part program or register for the individual part(s) they would love to review.

My $$$ Investment?

When you join the MicroBusiness Mastery community, you are making a sound investment in your business. You develop skills that ensure the growth of your enterprise. You cultivate a business-owner’s mindset, aligning yourself with success for years to come.

And that is worth its weight in gold!

Fortunately, you won’t need plunder your coffers to partake in the course. We have three great course options based on how quickly you want to progress in your business. Take a look at these options and let’s talk about which is the best one for you.

My investment of time?

The amount of time you devote to course assignments each week is entirely up to you. Each person’s goals, business experience, skills, and available time vary. How much time do you have each week to devote to building your business? What are you wishing to accomplish during this 5-month period? How much of your new business or business makeover would you like to have in place within 5 months?


Accountability is a key element of the MicroBusiness Mastery program. When you post your completed assignments in our virtual classroom in the Member Hub, participate in live webinars, check in on a regular basis with your Power Partner (you business-building  buddy) and join Facebook discussions, you will be getting the support, encouragement and inspiration you need to move forward!

Satisfaction Guarantee?

Only you can guarantee your personal business success. However, we can guarantee the quality and value of the MicroBusiness Mastery Program. If, within the 1st two weeks, you find this program isn’t for you, we will refund your enrollment fee, no questions asked (except “How can we make this better?!!”)

The real benefit?

A lively exchange of ideas.
Joint problem-solving.
Sharing of resources and expertise.
These are the things (however intangible!) that will make your business sing!


Join the MicroBusiness Mastery community
for an adventure in business-building
that will catapult you into a new expanded you.