Meet Power Partners Eliza Bergeson & Bonnie Hershey

Eliza Bergeson and Bonnie Hershey in process.


Eliza is an irrepressible innovator. She loves thinking outside the box to develop new ways to help clients take charge of their businesses and their lives. And when her clients step beyond perceived limitations to new and expanded ways of being . . . well . . .there’s nothing more magnificent!

Eliza’s transition from the way-too-busy life of music teacher and theater director, to the reasonably-paced life of an energy kinesiologist and mindset coach was a natural one. A smart one too. Within two years, her private practice became a fulltime enterprise, assisting people of all ages to live their best lives.

On April 7th, 1995, Eliza Bergeson and Bonnie Hershey opened the doors of the Kinesiology Connection for business. Though Energy Kinesiology and Brain Gym® were relatively unknown at that time, the center quickly became a hub for kinesiology activity nationwide.

Through her current business, Brilliance Unlimited, Eliza motivates creative professionals—entrepreneurs, speakers, writers, visual and performing artists—to take charge of their well-being and success in life. Eliza’s self-help book The Yes! in Success—How to Be the Star You Are and Live the Life You Love draws together the best of her coaching insights and techniques.

Oh, and the biggest benefit of owning her own business? Eliza gets to spend a good chunk of her day in her garden, in New Hampshire’s woods, or hiking up to her favorite 360° view.


Bonnie never imagined that someday she might be a business owner. Never, ever. Teaching was in her blood though, and for 25 years she happily offered topnotch Phys. Ed. courses to students in the Boston suburbs. She was always adding cutting edge teaching tools and techniques to her teacher’s bag of tricks.

When Eliza Bergeson introduced her to Brain Gym®—a movement-based learning readiness program—Bonnie’s life-career did a full flip. She quickly mastered the Brain Gym curriculum, refined it, and as a licensed instructor, taught courses to hundreds of enthusiastic teachers through out New England.

That simple addition to her teaching expertise put her on a trajectory that went something like this: retirement from public school teaching; Master’s in Creative Arts in Learning; Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Kinesiology Connection (business owner!); Condo owner and Chair; Brain Gym International Faculty Member; Board Member of Brain Gym International; Board Chair of Brain Gym International. A lot of business activity in 20 short years.

Bonnie lives in the Boston area, with her husband Frank; and when she’s not teaching, leading meetings or playing with friends and family, she knits!